How to Choose a Trusted Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games. Initially, it was played only on brick and mortar casinos. That is where different players could meet and have an interactive game. However, with the advancement in technology, blackjack is now available online. Instead of wasting time visiting the brick and mortar casinos, you can now play at the comfort of your house. You can easily have an online blackjack that runs on different platforms such as web, mobile, and desktop. Online blackjack comes with different variations, all aimed to serve unique customers. To date, there are hundreds of online sites where you can play your blackjack. There are also online live blackjack casinos designed to mimic the traditional physical tables. You can see a dealer dealing card in a real-time scenario. With the advancement of technology, a breed of online scammers decided to join the queue and slack their online pie. That changed the rules completely. It is now extremely hard to land yourself in a legit site. Most of the time, you will register into an online blackjack that promises heaven only to run away with your deposit. However, we are here to help you. Below are some of the ways to check if an online blackjack is legit.

Check the License Information

For any casino to operate in a certain country, it must obtain a license like any other business. A license is used to control how the gambling will be conducted. A license will permit or restrict an online blackjack site to perform certain forms of gambling. If a casino is to operate in different countries, it must obtain licenses from all the countries. A license is the first thing to show that a blackjack casino is legit. Before any blackjack casino is licensed, it must sign a policy that shows that it will abide by the rules of gambling. For example, children with the age of below 18 years should not be permitted to do gambling. It is the duty of a site to do age verification. In case they break such a rule, their license can be terminated. A legit online blackjack site will publish their license number for all the players to see. The license number should be in the home page where you can access it. However, the license number can also be forged. It is good to do a verification before trust the site. If you cant see a license number in the online blackjack you are about to sign, it is good not to waste your time.

Check The Offers Available. Well, with the increased number of online blackjack casinos available in the market, there is a big competition. Competition is always good since those sites will improve their casino games. The main aim of each casino is to acquire and retain as much audience as possible. All blackjack casinos will have a very simple and attractive user interface that will make anyone want to sign-up and play. Different blackjack casinos will also have some offers to attract more customers to their sites. If you are a seasoned player, there are various VIP bonuses you can enjoy. They include shopping vouchers, overseas holiday tickets, fuel tickets, and other even tickets available. Other privileges available to players include free games, free bonus cash, etc. All those offers aim at making a player register and do the deposit. Every casino has its own bonus policy. For example, there are different wagering requirements for different bonuses. It is easy to discover a scam blackjack site by looking at their offers. Some offers seem to be unrealistic. For example, a site can promise a non-wagering sign-up bonus of €500 when you sign-up and deposit €10. That is unrealistic since such casino can go bankrupt within the first day. You should run away from such sites.

Missing information. For any casino to prove that it is legit. It must disclose all the information needed by the gamblers. Some fraud online blackjack sites will not do that. They will always hide a lot of details. Most of those casinos will have their physical address hidden. For any operating casino, there must be an office where the staff runs their site. All this information is available on the "Contact us" page. The best address should include the city, street, and house name/number. There should also be a valid phone number you can reach out to them in case of any inquiry. A valid physical address shows that the business is legit. You should always run away from any blackjack site that does not guarantee proof of physical address and phone details. Such sites are the potential to be scammers. Before you can trust a casino, it is good to do some research about the address provided. If possible you can plan to pay them a visit. In case you are scammed, it is always easy to use the physical address if you want to seek legal actions against the responsible online blackjack. A valid phone number can also be traced easily.

  • Most scam sites will block curious gamblers who needs to know the physical office information.


Availability of Distractors

A distracted mind is hard to make a sound decision in gambling. In brick and mortar casinos, distracting players is something legally and acceptable. For example, you are likely to be welcomed by a glass of wine in the table. Later, you will be approached by very beautiful half-naked women making you lose your focus. That is how you will start making some mistakes. Those mistakes will be transferred to your final score. The dealer will outsmart you and lose a large percentage of your fortune. Such strategies are employed by the casino owners to make players lose more than they win. By so doing, they make a lot of money. For the smart players, they could shy away from any free offer so as to maintain concentration. In online blackjack casinos, such distractors are used by frauds. When you visit the site, you will get pictures that will distract your attention. They include the picture of an attractive table, beautiful live dealers, people counting a large amount of money, or even an expensive wine. Such pictures are not there to distract you when playing. They will make you forget to measure the site authenticity before signing-up and making your deposit.

Customer feedback is also very essential. Those who played before you will always give an honest review of the online blackjack site. It is easy to find such information online. You can follow discussions on those popular online forums such as Quora or even social media. Others will write a complete review of their games on their personal blogs. A simple search can feed you with all the information you need about a blackjack site. If a site is owned by scammers, it is hard to find any review online. You should avoid a site that has little information known. Some illegitimate sites also keep changing their business name to avoid being caught. In case you notice a sudden change in the name of your blackjack site, it is good to withdraw your money and deactivate your account. Otherwise, you will lose everything. Before deciding on the type of casino to play, it is good also to seek expert views. There are different online gambling veterans who have interacted with a lot of online blackjack sites. Those experts run their own gambling consultant firms. They can help you to land on a trustworthy site. Their services will not come free offers. However, the little extra coins you will use can make a large difference in your gambling career.